The Highlife Revolution

So what is Highlife all about?

Indefinable. Only expressible. A movement which thrives off the uniqueness and creativity of the very motion that creates it. It’s the ability to use one’s senses to their max potential. Always aiming for a brighter future and positive nature, but sometimes it takes a little digging to get to the bottom of things. And so we rebuild from there.


Using society against itself. Wearing a t-shirt that you feel comfortable saying represents “you.” Willing to sacrifice our own priviledges and opportunities so that they can be shared with others not so fortunate. And this is everyday life- you don’t need to win the lottery in order to have a fat smile on your face. Just the fact that you woke up this morning and have the opportunity to feel this energy should be plenty for that. =)


Our happiness is fueled by that of others. Burning the masks that hide us from honesty and appreciation and replacing them with passion and recognition. There’s no bullshit here and there’s no limits. Really though, We Are Erasing the Bar.


A collaboration of individuals with passionate minds and souls. Any life that feels dependant on curiosity, imagination, and the escape from reality. Welcome. We know we didn’t “start” or “create” this state of mind.. but like music, and art, and poetry, Highlife is a place where we all connect and communicate on a different energy level. People that come together and provide solutions to the selfish ways of humanity and attack what we see as “problems” from different angles and points of view.


Basically, We are High on Life. Therefore- Highlife. Be thankful for what you have and share it because it feels good. Just because it has not been done before, doesn’t give you permission to dismiss your revolutionary state of mind.

The passion of the underdog cannot be measured until it ceases to exist, the underdog fails to die because it can never be enough.


The Movement is the Message. Spread the Love.


Our Mission

A worldwide, united community of people with good intentions and positive vibes. Highlife is more than a clothing company, it’s a lifestyle. Everyday we layer our bodies with clothes and materials. Every shirt we make is a piece of art in itself. It’s your life, it’s your style. With killer designs and monumental message, Highlife defines progress. Love and expression are the weapons of choice, negativity is the enemy. It’s a War On Vacancy.


Highlife is a puzzle and we are the pieces. When put together we form something far more beautiful. So many of us have similar thoughts and feelings about the world we inhabit, so let’s unite and make a difference.


Express Yourself!


Embrace your freedom and time. Be a part of something that’s fighting for our future as a whole. We are all unique and creative in our own way. 


Join the Revolution.
The Movement is the Message.
The World is Our Canvas.